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Our Mission

Oxford Plastics mission is to improve safety at construction sites, street works, and the event industry through the provision of innovative safety products. Our philosophy is to meet the changing needs of customers, providing them with the highest quality of products at the most competitive price without compromising on safety. Oxford Plastics is committed to remaining a sustainable manufacturer of worksite and event safety solutions, while never losing site of its environmental responsibilities.

Sustainable Quality Manufacturing

Our heritage is in recycled plastic. In 1985 Oxford Plastics began manufacturing with recycled PVC. Today 95% of Oxford Plastics products are made from recycled material.

Over 30 years Oxford has developed manufacturing processes using a range of recycled and virgin materials. Our products are made to the highest quality & we design for manufacture.

Sustainable Manufacturing Company Profile

Welcome to Oxford Plastics USA. We design and manufacture safe, simple to use and compliant temporary products for the work-site and events.

Sustainable Manufacturer: Pedestrian & Traffic Plastic Barricades, LowPro Road Plates & Trench Covers, Ground Protection and Temporary Fencing products.

Safety Product Research & Development: As chemists & engineers, we look for innovative and ingenious solutions by investing heavily in Research & Development of our work site and event safety solutions. Our team of 5 product development engineers has 30 projects in the development pipeline at any one time. We are always looking for new opportunities to create on-site solutions and enjoy a challenge. If you have a problem to solve, please speak to us.

Industry Leaders: We collaborate with the Dept of Transportation and industry leaders throughout the US. Oxford Plastics also provides within Highways, Utilities, Industrial, Construction and Events settings throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Contact Us: Want to speak to a member of the team? Inquire online, call us or email us. We look forward to hearing from you!

“For the past 22 years, we’ve have had a strong working relationship with Oxford Plastics …”

Archie McMillan |  D.Gibson Road & Quarry Services Limited


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