OxBlock Hi-Vis Fence Stands

Hi-vis heavy fence base

Our Oxblock Hi-Vis provides a stable fence base for both metal and plastic temporary fencing. Our plastic fence base is more durable than concrete! Unlike concrete blocks, which can tend to split and crack when handled incorrectly, – the Oxblock Hi-Vis is both portable, durable and incredibly versatile. Our fence base can be used with wire mesh panels, chain link panels and Endurafence.

Hi-visibility for crowded areas

This Hi-Vis version of the OxBlock has a yellow end for added safety. This heavy base forms a stable base for metal and plastic temporary fencing. The OxBlock is the best alternative to other concrete fence stands, as it is made from a tough thermoplastic compound that is shock and crack resistant.

Anti-Trip/High Leverage End Holes

Our plastic fence base is equipped with Anti-Trip/High Leverage end holes, that are strategically placed so there is no trip hazard when setting a fence line. Furthermore, when there is a greater than normal likelihood of a fence line falling over the OxBlock, this fence base can be staggered on the inside and outside of a fence line to give it more leverage.

Benefits of the OxBlock fence base

Additional advantages of the OxBlock fence base includes:

  • The OxBlock comes with internal handles for easy transport
  • Hi-vis ends for extra security
  • Suitable for posts up to 1-5/8” diameter
  • Other hole sizes available upon request
  •  Longer life than the concrete block
  • Made from a tough thermoplastic compound
  •  Cutouts for easy handling
  •  Logo and color customization available end pieces
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  •  100% recyclable

If you would like to purchase your own Oxblock Hi-vis, do not hesitate to contact a member of our helpful team. Or, if you prefer, browse through our wide range of site safety products.

Product No 0253
Height 5.3 in
Length 30.3 in
Width 8 in
Total Weight 52 lbs
Number / pallet 42
Color Black with yellow end