LowPro 23/05 Traffic Plate

LowPro 23/05 HS20-44 Road Plate

Alternative to steel road plate trench covers

Our LowPro 23/05 Road Plate system that is made up of linking plates, meaning it’s suitable for 97,000lbs vehicles over a 48” trench (depending on the local DOT requirements). The LowPro 23/05 is a heavy-duty road plate – for smaller trench road plate options, see the LowPro 15/05 Road Plate.

Features of the LowPro 23/05 road plate

Reduction of Enviromental Impact

Oxford Plastics’ composite road plate is more eco-friendly than the traditional steel plate. Specifically, with steel plates contractors need to use cold patch as a ramp. This cold patch leaches oil when it rains, which then travels into storm drains and then local water bodies.

Our LowPro 23/05 traffic plates have ramped edges, meaning they can be anchored into place. They can also be transported with far smaller vehicles than steel plates, and installed without heavy lifting equipment.

EasiLift install with 2 crew members

Each section of these road plates weighs 145lbs, far lighter than a steel plate, and is easier to maneuver with the EasiLift handles. Using a team of 2 workers, rather than expensive heavy lifting equipment, the Road Plate can be carried and installed in minutes.

LowPro Anti-slide: Lateral Locks

Underneath the LowPro 23/05 are 2 sets of lateral locks: these locks drop into place when the road plate is installed on the trench. The locks sit within the trench on either side to prevent lateral movement.

LowPro Anti-slide Edges

The anti-slide technology, on the underside and edges of the 23/05 plastic road plate, is made from a soft, flexible, rubber material which grips the surface to reduce unwanted movement.

No noise pollution: LowPro Edges

The LowPro 23/05 road plate is currently used in residential areas, on roadways and utility sites partially because of its noise dampening edges. The patented LowPro feature reduces noise by absorbing sound, as the rubber-edges are far softer than steel – thus eliminating that harsh, loud clang when traffic drives over the top.

No Cold Patch

The installation time is reduced again when using the road plate: with its pinholes, drop pins, and LowPro Edges, there is no longer a need for a cold patch.


The LowPro 23/05 temporary road plate has a bespoke stillage to make handling, transportation and storage simpler.

Mark 1 information

The LowPro 23/05 plastic road plate has been improved to be HS20-44 compliant up to 4′ trenches –  this product is yellow and blue. Mark 1 version of the LowPro 23/05 Road Plate is no longer available, it is yellow and gray and is HS20-44 compliant up to 3′ trenches.

Other benefits of our LowPro 23/05 road plate include:

  • HS20-44 compliant
  • Suitable for 44 tons vehicles over a 48” trench
  • Quieter, long-lasting, lighter alternative to steel trench plates
  • Reduces noise pollution and noise complaints
  • Lateral Locks reduce lateral movement
  • Heavy duty linking connectors lock the road plates together securely
  • End sections equipped with anchor holes to accommodate securing to the roadway
  • Replacement parts are available
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Patented design

The 23/05 LowPro must be anchored down with end sections for roadway use

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News and Events

With Composite Road Plates Safety is #1 

       Dave Balkan, CEO, Balkan Plumbing prefers to use modular composite road plates like the LowPro 23/05 Road Plate instead of outdated steel plates. Are steel road plates safe? When your work crews experience injuries, we’d say not!  The composite Oxford Plastics road plate is much lighter than a steel plate and does not need any heavy equipment like knuckle boom trucks or backhoes. View the full story in the video below:



Type Inner Piece End Piece Easilift Handles Stillage
Product No 0839 0726 0730 0731
Length, end-to-end 90.6 in 90.6 in 36.4 in 63.5 in
Width 19.7 in 19.7 in 7.7 in 70 in
Weight 145 lbs 62 lbs 6.6 lbs 420 lbs / When filled 2270 lbs
Number / pallet 20 20 20 1
Color Yellow, blue Gray Yellow Silver

Is the LowPro 23/05 Road Plate certified to be used on the road?

Yes, the LowPro 23/05 is HS20-44 certified

How tall is the Road Plate?

The LowPro 23/05 is just less than 3” high at its apex

How many LowPro 23/05 sections do I need for an 8’ x 4’ trench?

At 8’ long you would need 5 x inner sections and 2 x end sections

How much does the Road Plate weigh?

Each inner section weighs 136lbs

Can you purchase replacement parts?

Yes, spare parts are available

How much weight can the LowPro 23/05 take?

The product can be used with vehicles weighing up to 97,000lbs

What is the maximum trench width the Road Plate can be put over?


How long does the anti-skid surface last?

3-5 years, depending on how the product is handled

Do temperature variations affect the product performance?

No, the SMC material is very effective in sub-zero temperatures

Can I emboss my company name on the LowPro 23/05?

Yes (minimum order quantities apply)

Do the drop pins come as standard with the product?


How long has the LowPro 23/05 Road Plate been on the market?

Our composite Road Plates have been on the market for 10 years and are extensively used in Europe and Australia and now also in the USA

Where is the Road Plate currently being used in the USA?

The LowPro 23/05 is being used in:

  • Rhode Island
  • Washington DC
  • NY State
  • Florida
  • California