LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover

The ADA Compliant LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover System.


The LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover System is the first fully ADA compliant trench cover. The system is made up of the LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover, LowPro Infills and LowPro Ramps. These 1:12 ramps and the molded anti-slip surface create a safe passageway for pedestrians and wheelchair users.


The LowPro 15/10 uses our patented LowPro technology and is a suitable for 7700lbs vehicles over a 36” trench.

Here at Oxford Plastics, we supply a wide range of driveway covers and sidewalk covers – including our LowPro 15/10 trench cover. Specifically designed for sidewalk and driveway use as opposed to road use, this trench plate is perfect for all seasons with multiple benefits. Learn more about this trench cover now.

  • ADA Compliant System
  • Makes excavated areas accessible for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Create a complete platform with the LowPro Ramps and Infill Strips
  • Suitable for wheelchair and scooter users
  • Suitable for vehicles
  • Anti-slip moulded surface
  • Anti-slide, non-pinned and self-weighted
  • Bolts holes for extra stability
  • Reduces noise pollution and noise complaints
  • The lighter alternative to steel plates
  • Gas vents and probe hole designed into the product
  • Shock Resistant
  • Easy 2 person lift
  • Color and logo customization


ADA Compliant

The LowPro Ramps create a gradual 1:12 slope up to the LowPro 15/10, creating a smooth transition over the excavation cover for wheelchairs and scooters. These are available in 3 sizes: Long, Short and Corner Ramps.

No Drifting Over Time

The Infill Strip completes the LowPro® Trench Cover system: use to connect several trench covers in a line to prevent drifting. The Infill Strip has the added benefit of removing trip hazards between LowPro® Trench Covers. Available in a small and large size depending on the orientation of the trench cover over the excavation.

Quick to Install

The anti-slide technology, on the underside and edges of the LowPro Trench Cover, is made from a soft, flexible, rubber material which grips the surface reducing unwanted movement. Anchor bolts are not required in most applications and there is no need for cold patch.

Easy 2 Person Lift Trench Cover

Unlike steel plates, the LowPro 15/10 sidewalk covers & driveway covers can be handled by 2 people. It is far easier to lift and install than steel plates as there is no need for heavy lifting equipment.

Ready to purchase your own driveway drain covers and trench plates? A member of our helpful team is always on hand to help you. Alternatively, browse our full selection of trench covers today.


Product LowPro 15/10 Long Infill Short Infill
Product No 0815 0840 0375
Length, end-to-end 59 in 59 in 39 in
Width 39 in 5 in 5 in
Height 1.3 in 1.3 in 1.3 in
Weight 83 lbs 5 lbs 4 lbs
Number / pallet 20 5 / 100 5 / 100
Color Yellow Black Black
Product Long Ramp Short Ramp Corner Ramp
Product No 0774 0798 0775
Length, end-to-end 59 in 39 in 23 in
Width 25 in 25 in 23 in
Height 2 in 2 in 2 in
Weight 20 lbs 19 lbs 5 lbs
Number / pallet 50 50 100
Color Blue Blue Blue

Can I use the LowPro 15/10 on the Road?

No, this product is designed for sidewalks and driveways

Is the product’s performance affected by cold weather?

No, the product’s performance isn’t affected by the cold. You can use the LowPro 15/10 in all seasons. 

What are the small holes on the top surface of the board?

These holes are for gas venting, making it a great cover for Gas Utilities 

Can I have the trench cover in a different colour?

Yes, the product can be manufactured in a different color (check with us for the minimum order quantity)

Can I have my company’s name embossed on the product?

Yes, we can emboss the inner section or the Flexi-Edge (check with us for the minimum order quantity)