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Here at Oxford Plastics, we supply a wide variety of plastic temporary fencing options for events, construction sites and streetworks. From fence stands and ballast weights to temporary road safety barriers, browse our full selection below.

Plastic Temporary Fence Products

Our Temporary Fencing 

Oxford Plastics  is your one-stop-shop for temporary construction fence products. Collaborating with leaders in the temporary fence industries, Oxford Plastics has developed and designed products to address the inherent problems associated with current products used within the industry.

Breaking our products down by their design intention, Ox-Stand is the alternative to tube stands. Temporary Fence Weight is the alternative to sandbag weights; and  OxBlock is the alternative to concrete block stands.Learn more about these plastic temporary fence products now.

Ox-Stand Temporary Fence Stand

Why is Oxstand the alternative to tube stands?

We design problem-solving products like Ox-Stand. Leaders in the Temporary Fence industry expressed their frustrations with the popularly used tube stand. Here’s how Oxford Plastics provides a solution to these concerns with Ox-Stand:

  • Tube stand risers bend and snap off – Ox-Stand risers are open at the bottom, allowing water to pass, so less chance of rusting. When risers eventually need to be replaced, they can easily be due to the differing design of the Ox-Stand.
  • Tube stands are difficult to stack – OxStand stack neatly for deployment, storage, and transportation
  • Tube stands can be a trip hazard – Ox-Stand has a low profile and HiVis inserts
  • Tube stands often don’t last – Ox-Stand is made of durable high-density polyethylene, plus the fiberglass backbone provides added strength and support.

Additional features:

  • Easy to lift – handholds for ease of carrying and storage
  • Value for money – comparative in cost to tube stands

Temporary Fence Weight

Why is Temporary Fence Weight the alternative to sandbags?

Get rid of sandbags by using the Temporary Fence Weight. Our Temporary Fence Weight is designed to replace sandbags as a ballast weight for temporary fence stands that stay in place, won’t split and looks neat. Below are the problems inherent with sandbag use, and the solution found with the Temporary Fence Weight temporary construction fence weights:

  • Sandbags split – the Temporary Fence Weight is made of durable recyclable PVC and there’s no mess to clean up!
  • Sandbags are difficult to stack – our Temporary Fence Weight is designed to stack to keep your yard and truck tidy. For easy storage, deployment and transport look to the Temporary Fence Weight.
  • Sandbags don’t last – the durable Temporary Fence Weight provides a return on your investment, able to be used on dozens of deployments.
  • Sandbags only weigh a portion of the stand – With two sizes, the Temporary Fence Weight22 weighs 53lbs and covers most stands and OxStand. Temporary Fence Weight24 fits over most 2’x2′ square stands.
  • Sandbags are a trip hazard – Temporary Fence Weight’s low profile & HiVis edges reduce tripping.

Additional feature:

  • Fast installation – the Temporary Fence Weight has a pre-moulded handhold for ease of carrying and faster installation

The Temporary Fence Weight is available in 2 sizes, Temporary Fence Weight 22 sits over Ox-Stand and Temporary Fence Weight 24 sits over square tube stands.

Oxblock Temporary Fence Stand & Weight

Why is Oxblock the alternative to concrete blocks?

Hearing complaints from leading Temporary Fence contractors that have used Concrete Blocks for their temporary fence stands, the OxBlock was developed to address these issues:

  • Concrete blocksare cumbersome to maneuver – OxBlock has cut-outs for efficient handling. They are easy to deploy, stack and store.
  • Concrete blocks crack and fall apartOxBlock is made of a durable thermoplastic compound.
  • Concrete blocks are not versatile and are a trip hazardOxBlock has multiple holes to accommodate various setup configurations. End holes & HiVis endcaps reduce the liability of trip hazards.

Ready to purchase one of our plastic temporary fences? Get in touch today to learn more about our temporary fencing products here at Oxford Plastics.