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Our Ground Protection Mats

Here at Oxford Plastics, we supply a wide range of ground protection grids and walkway mats. Our temporary ground protection mats have many uses, for example, heavy-duty mats allow access for heavy vehicles, as they can be used as temporary carparks for events and as pedestrian walkway mats for events. Ground mats are quick and easy to install manually, and typical locations where our walkway mats would be used include:

  • Construction sites
  • Event carparks
  • Event walkways
  • Grass or earth covered areas
  • Outdoor maintenance works
  • Landscaping

Temporary Ground Protection & Walkway Mats

The EnduraMat is a temporary ground protection mat which can be used for pedestrian access or as track mats. Some of the best features of our EnduraMat include:

  • Customizable – available in many colors, meaning you can fully customize you EnduraMat for any event, or with your own corporate colors to raise brand awareness.
  • Anti-slip technology – the large anti-slip print is suitable for heavy equipment access giving traction in wet or dry conditions. On the reverse is small anti-slip print which is ideal for pedestrians and smaller vehicles.
  • Ground protection – our walkway mats protect the ground on site and prevent mud pits. Make your job run smoothly with ground protection for heavy equipment, and in muddy or wet conditions, you can use the EnduraMat to create access to site.
  • Range of sizes – the EnduraMat is available in different sizes to suite your needs of your job or size of your vehicle. Create a line of semi-permanent EnduraMat with heavy or light-duty connectors.

Ground Protection Grids

The EnduraGrid is a permeable grass paver that allows grass to freely grow through, or can be filled in with gravel. This is a permanent product and is suitable to create a parking lot or driveway. Some of the features of our EnduraGrid include:

  • Ground protection – allows grass to grow naturally and prevents gravel migration and soil erosion.
  • Durable – providing a firm surface that will not sink, rut or shift once installed, the EnduraGrid can also support the weight of a 44-ton vehicle.
  • Eco-friendly – made from 100% recycled plastic, this product is also recyclable.
  • Quick installation – an installation time of 3,900 sq ft per hour (depending on ground preparation)

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