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May 2, 2014

Oxford Road Plate receives HS20-44 certification!

The Oxford RoadPlate is the ideal alternative to steel road plates over trenches, with a max width of 27”. Oxford  RoadPlates are a modular composite road plate system. As such, they can be installed with two men VS men and heavy machinery! They can be transported in a pickup truck & deployed in minutes!

They have an integrated ramp and anti-skid surface, meeting new requirements, plus their hi-visibility yellow tends to  calm traffic. Plus, the innovative flexible ends dampens unwanted sounds, ideal for residential areas!

Sections are linked together, anchored at the ends, creating a very stable, safe surface for traffic to pass over. Steel ‘rop pins’ protrude into the trench, preventing lateral movement.

In the words of an Oxford RoadPlate customer, “Oxford’s RoadPlate makes installation simple, keeps the guys safe, and  provides huge savings!”