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June 11, 2018

BigFoot From Oxford Plastics: Now Available For 24″ Tube Stands







OxFord BigFoot

The Oxford BigFoot is deployed at major events across North America, chosen for its superior pedestrian safety as well as its neat appearance.


A weight for temporary fence panels, produced using recycled plastic – the BigFoot is engineered as a more durable, secure, & aesthetically pleasing alternative to sandbags.


Recently launched in a 24” format, to fit a 2’ x 2’ square tube stand, Oxford BigFoot ballast weight now offers a range of sizes to match all tube stand configurations.

The weight is designed to be foolproof, minimizing the margin for error during installation.


With an even distribution of weight, the inherently stable BigFoot is engineered to always be placed in the optimum position, removing the need for the work crew to determine the location of the weight and make decisions that could affect pedestrian safety.


Designed with ergonomic carrying handles, one installer can easily lift two BigFoot units for rapid installation. With a low profile – and reduced footprint for a reduced trip hazard – the BigFoot is available with a high-visibility yellow edge perimeter.


When the temporary fencing is removed, BigFoot is quick and easy to dismantle and can be stacked securely for transportation and storage – plus no debris remains following use, leaving a clean and safe working area.


Peter Creighton, President at Oxford Plastic Systems, LLC, comments; “Our customers’ paramount concerns are around safety and compliance; we work with our customers to engineer products that exceed standards and deliver innovative solutions to on-site safety challenges.”


“We also understand that our fence contractor customers need to rapidly recover the value of their assets. Typically, the BigFoot asset value is recovered within just three rental cycles. Furthermore, because the product is so robust, with an average lifespan of up to about 20 rental cycles in construction or events applications, significant value is realized, as the asset depreciates and it continues to earn – straight to the bottom line.”


“Our customers tell us that using BigFoot has increased the speed and efficiency of day to day fence installations, installing more linear feet of fencing per day than was ever possible.”


Temporary fence contractor Rob Orthey of Federal Rent-A-Fence worked with Oxford when they were developing BigFoot. He claims to have re-used the BigFoot so many times, he’s “gotten his investment back plus plus plus”.


Orthey finds his customers are requesting BigFoot because they minimize the trip hazard and “look 100% better”. The greatest advantage Orthey claims comes from operational improvements. “They stack, have handles, and they actually add weight to the stand versus just sitting on the ground.” Orthey also noted “the crews prefer them. There’s no mess to clean up anymore.”


Stand out from your competitors. Additionally, your BigFoot can be branded with your company name or logo.


To learn how your bottom line – and your next fencing project – could benefit from the Oxford BigFoot, email  info@oxfordplasticsUSA.com, or call David or Jacob Sardinha at 800-567-9187