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June 11, 2018

A Case For Using OxStand | Making a Stand for Profit |

Is there a correlation between utilizing a better tool and increased profit? Or does the cheaper tool result in more profit?

Consider when digging post holes, one of the more common activities when installing fence.  A typical post hole digger may cost you $100.  An auger could cost you thousands.  If you have 200 posts that need setting, what tool are you going to use?


David Sardinha, VP for Oxford Plastics USA, claims that when a business is considering their temporary fence equipment (tools), one should consider the ongoing costs versus just the purchase price.


Consider when installing temporary fence, a stand is required for every panel. Do you use tube stands?  Do you make your own or buy the cheapest you can find because they just don’t last? Do you struggle with stacking & transport (picture monkeys in a barrel as the truck pulls into the yard)?  Have you been faced with ‘trip & fall’ lawsuits?  Does your customer ever say “Why don’t you use the stands like your competitor uses, like the ones that you don’t trip over and look nice”?


The reason some continue to use tube stands is when comparing the initial price per tube stand, versus the initial cost of available alternatives.  Some temp fence contractors utilize scrap to create makeshift stands.   Are you really saving, in the long run, especially recognizing what is now available? Just released is the newest version of OxStand, that is more comparable to the initial purchase price of tube stands, yet provides many more benefits immediately and in the future. 


Oxford Plastics, the UK based award-winning manufacturer, has been collaborating with leading contractors for years, continually developing innovative solutions for the temporary fence market.


Two years ago, Oxford Plastics released the first version of OxStand, an alternative to tube stands.  Based on commentary from TempFence contractors that use tube stands, the OxStand was designed to provide the solution for the inherent problems when using tube stands.


According to Jake Sardinha, Customer Support Agent for Oxford Plastics USA, “some of OxStand’s best features is their ability to stack, they aren’t a trip hazard, you can easily brand them, ..but the best feature is their durability.”


OxStand is made of a strong lasting high-density polyethylene.  You won’t be replacing any very soon!  Additionally, OxStand has a removable fiberglass rod backbone.  This provides added strength.


Jake Sardinha also noted that “most tube stands have a top weld for the steel risers.  As you know, a top weld is a very weak weld.  Most contractors experience the risers continually breaking off, because of the weak weld.”


In comparison, OxStand does it differently, utilizing a vertical side weld, eliminating that easy break point.  The bottom of OxStand’s steel risers is open, allowing water to pass.  Because of this, there is less chance of rusting.  If, however, the riser assembly requires repair, OxStand’s removable backbone allows this to be done with ease.  Oxford offers these replacements parts, as well.


Time is money.  Jake Sardinha, who was also a former TempFence installer, attests “the handholds allow you to carry many at one time with ease.”    The handholds are user-friendly and more efficient.   OxStand is quick & easy to stack for storage, transport, & deployment.   Goodbye to the mess of tube stands in the work truck and/or in the stockyard!


One of the reasons fence contractor Andreas McConnie of McConnie’s Fence in Florida decided to try OxStand was because OxStand’s low profile provides less of a trip hazard.  McConnie acknowledged, “I thought they would be a safer alternative to tube stands”.  “But”, as he reports, “now that I’ve put them on jobs, I have learned about some added benefits.  OxStand is far more durable than tube stands.  Best of all, my customers like them because they virtually eliminate the trip hazard. I will be adding more OxStand to my fleet!”


Branding sets you apart from competitors, promotes recognition, and represents what your promise is to the customer.  In addition to having the ability to brand your OxStand with a company name, logo, or color, when using OxStand, you are setting yourself apart from your competitor, using a safer, aesethitically pleasing, quality product.  It confirms your commitment to your customer, providing safety & aesthetic value, without compromising on cost.


But what is the difference with the initial version of the OxStand, and the newest version of the OxStand, just released?  The color. The hi-visibility yellow OxStand in the first version, conversely, is black with hi-visibility yellow inserts, for the newest version.  The predominately black color saves on cost considerably.  This keeps it more comparable to the cost of most tube stands.  But, don’t concern yourself if you are finding value in offering the predominately yellow, first version of OxStand.   Both versions are available.


To return to the debated question … “Does the less expensive tool increase profit?”.. Does the profit-eroding tube stand serve a temp fence contractor better than the newest OxStand, that has a comparable initial cost and provides additional important benefits?  You decide.


Temporary fence contractors take your stand for profit, and collect the dividends paid from safety in the process!


If attending FenceTech19 in Indianapolis, Oxford Plastics will be in Booth 2629.  They’ll have the OxStand, along with other innovative temporary fence products.  Just released is the newest version of BigFoot Fence Weight.  BigFoot eliminates the need to use messy sandbags for ballast in a temporary fence line.  The newest version of BigFoot fits over OxStand and most tube stands!


In anticipation of the coming season, if you’d like more information today, contact David Sardinha or Jake Sardinha at 800-567-9182, or email info@oxfordplasticsUSA.com.