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February 7, 2019

Advantages of Plastic Pedestrian Barricades

Pedestrian barricades are designed to protect and guide pedestrians through or around hazardous areas, whether those hazards are due to construction materials or large crowds. They may be made of either steel or plastic, but plastic barricades offer a number of advantages. Here is what you should know.

Plastic Pedestrian Barricades


Plastic pedestrian barricades are available in a variety of highly visible color selections, which can be particularly important at night or in low-lighting areas. Reflective devices and warning notices are easy to add for further safety. Since they are so noticeable, plastic barricades are also an excellent place to hang informational notices or branding items. High visibility is also an advantage for those with visual disabilities.


If there is an expectation of crowds pressing into the barricade, plastic is less likely than steel to cause injuries. These barricades are highly durable and damage-resistant, but they are very lightweight. They are available with weighted anti-trip feet, making them especially useful for areas frequented by children, older adults, and those with disabilities while having the same stability you would find with a metal pedestrian barrier even though they are overall lighter than a metal barrier. In addition, plastic barricades are easy to stack and store, and to put up in a hurry should the need arise.

Small Site Enclosure

Plastic barricades with interlocking, hinged designs are the perfect solution to entirely enclose small hazards such as a missing manhole cover. Since they are so quick and easy to deploy, plastic barricades are an excellent way to respond to minor emergencies. Consider keeping a few extras on hand when hosting a large festival or event.

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