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August 12, 2021

A guide to BigFoot fencing

Considering investing in our BigFoot ballast weight, but want to know more about this innovative product range? Our guide to BigFoot fencing tells you everything you need to know – from the product dimensions and benefits, to its integration with other Oxford Plastics products – including the OxStand Fence Stand.

What does the BigFoot product range consist of?

Our BigFoot ballast weight is a hi-vis ballast weight which is predominantly used for temporary fencing. This innovative product is the alternative to sandbags, which does not decompose or leak sand onto pavements and work sites.

The ideal solution for creating a long-lasting perimeter, this weight is likely to be used with fencing for events – as it was designed to perform optimally, unlike most jerry-rigged alternatives. Equipped with a built-in handle, this ballast uniformly stacks on a pallet – optimizing stacking and stability.

Benefits of using BigFoot fencing

By using the BigFoot product range for construction work, streetworks or more, there are many benefits – some of which include:

BigFoot product specifications

Product No: O203

Width: 600mm

Length: 495mm

Height: 70mm

Weight: 13.6kg

Quantity / Pallet: 72

Colour: Black & Yellow Ready to learn more about our BigFoot ballast weight? Get in touch with a member of our friendly team today to find out more.