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February 26, 2019

3 Times to Use Ground Protection Mats

You probably don’t need to move a nuclear reactor or set up a helicopter landing pad, though both of these events call for a ground protection mat. However, there are numerous times that the average person may need this incredibly useful tool. Made from durable, high-density polyethylene, ground protection mats bend rather than break and can support up to 80 tons. Here are some times to use ground protection mats.

ground protection mats

Temporary Site Uses

If you are having construction or landscaping done, ground protection mats make it easy to move heavy equipment around without it getting stuck or tearing up the grass. Workers can easily get to the job site and perform their duties without concern about damaging the site.

Ground protection mats are also incredibly handy for hosting events in places that are not designed for them. Now you can host a backyard wedding without worrying about your landscaping being ruined. You can hold a graduation on the football field without concerns over the turf. Concerts, festivals, and other large public events can be tough on the ground, but ground protection mats alleviate worry and stress. You can use them to build a temporary road or parking area to allow guests to access your event.

Cemetery Protection

Cemeteries are designed to be peaceful, beautiful oases where loved ones can spend time with the departed. Yet grave digging involves heavy equipment that could easily create ruts and tire tracks. What’s the secret to keeping the cemetery rut-free? In many cases, ground protection mats are the solution.

Open Houses

If you are hosting a “Parade of Homes” or similar open house event, a lot of people will be traipsing through the model homes, potentially tracking dirt and debris all over the floors. Ground protection mats keep the models cleaner while ensuring that the site doesn’t become damaged or rutted.

About Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats are durable and long-lasting, and many carry a lifetime warranty. They are easy to clean and can be used again and again. Ground protection mats are available in black, white, or clear. Dark mats show the least dirt. Clear mats allow sunlight to penetrate, protecting the grass if mats are used continuously for a long time. White mats are best for darkened conditions such as evening weddings or use in a tunnel or cave. Mats are available with 2 styles of anti-slip surfaces, suitable for pedestrians on one side and for vehicles on the other.

Ground protection mats are an excellent way to keep the ground neat and tidy, while reducing the amount of dirt and debris that is tracked inside on people’s shoes. Whether you are hosting a festival or starting a major construction project, ground protection mats may be just what you need.

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