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Oxford Plastics USA is a manufacturer of award-winning patented site safety solutions: barriers, road plates, trench covers, ground protection mats, temporary fence solutions & more…

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Welcome to Oxford Plastics USA. We manufacture safe, simple and compliant products for work sites and event venues.

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3 Times to Use Ground Protection Mats

You probably don’t need to move a nuclear reactor or set up a helicopter landing pad, though both of these events call for a ground protection mat. However, there are numerous times that the average person may need this incredibly useful tool. Made from durable, high-density polyethylene, ground protection mats bend rather than break and […]

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Advantages of Plastic Pedestrian Barricades

Pedestrian barricades are designed to protect and guide pedestrians through or around hazardous areas, whether those hazards are due to construction materials or large crowds. They may be made of either steel or plastic, but plastic barricades offer a number of advantages. Here is what you should know.

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