Watchman Barricade MKII

An easy to use and compact modular barrier system which provides an unlimited combination of layouts.

Barrier posts, manufactured in HDPE, provide a strong and durable upright.
Post are fitted with heavy duty ballast at the bottom, to prevent tipping. Flat, high visibility base, reduces trip hazards. Assembly process prevents easy dismantling when unattended.


• Compliant with Chapter 8 Streetworks (UK).
• 2 Reflective planks (1.25m or 2m) + 2 bases + 2 posts = configuration below
• Versatile barrier suitable for controlling traffic or crowds.
• Unlimited combination of bases, uprights and planks.
• Solar lamps can be fitted to uprights, and sit inside the post for protection.
• Planks can be labelled and bases embossed with logos.
• Made from HDPE.
• Compact for easy transportation and storage.
• Items can be purchased separately.
• Debris mesh also available.
• Designed and manufactured in UK.
• 100% Recyclable.


Type Base Post Plank
Product no. - - -
Height 6.5 in 39.4 in -
Length 24.8 in - 49.2” 78.7”
Width 7.9 in 5.1 in 5.9”
Total weight 1.76lbs 8.8 lbs 3.3 lbs
Number / pallet 75 150 150
Color Yellow Red, white, other colors on request White with black ends