Watchman Barricade

Easy to use and compact modular barricade system which provides an unlimited combination of layouts

Barricade posts, manufactured in HDPE, provide a strong and durable upright. Heavy duty square bases made from recycled plastic fit over the uprights to ensure the system cannot be easily dismantled when unattended. Watchman planks have reflective facing in lengths of 49 in and 79 in. They are fitted with end connectors incorporating a unique locking feature. End connectors have different settings to accommodate uneven surfaces

Features And Advantages

  • The Watchman is a modular barricade system made from high density polyethylene
  • Reflective plank (49 or 79in) + base + post = complete set
  • Items can be purchased separately
  • Constructed from any desired combination of bases, uprights and planks
  • Versatile barricade suitable for controlling traffic or crowds
  • Lamps can be fitted to uprights, and sit inside the post for protection
  • Planks can also be screen printed for corporate identity and bases can be embossed with logos
  • Easy and compact storage
  • Unlimited combination of layout


Type Base Post
Product no. 0170 9550
Height 10.98 in 112 in
Width 17.9 in 3.9 in
Total weight 8.4 lbs 2 lbs
Number / pallet 75 150
Color Black Black

Uses & Users

Manhole repairs, cable laying and other temporary excavations, indoor uses.