Temp Fence Panels

Your complete source for temporary fencing

Key Features:

  • Durable
  • The mesh is attached within the frame eliminating hang ups and entanglement.
  • Interlock, when stacked
  • More panels per truck load.
  • More secure transport.
  • Easily handled by one worker.

Versatile panels

Our panels are compatible with your existing panel stands, or consider our full range of industry leading feet, including OxBlock, BigFoot, and our latest, OxStand. Suitable for construction sites, events, temporary enclosures, etc.

Typical fence supports

Tube Stands with sandbags, and concrete blocks, are widely used in the industry, but are prone to damage, requiring frequent repairs and replacement. Oxford Plastics offers a range of support solutions that are stronger, more durable, and offer a higher level of safety to the public.



Bill Hogan of Mobile Fence:

“Over the past ten years I have experimented with many types of panels in a search for what works best and provides the highest return. The design features of welding the mesh inside the frame and compressing the rail ends at the weld point, has minimized maintenance, improving utilization dramatically. We can transport and store more at a lower cost. Also, with no points or sharp edges, we have reduced injuries to our workers and provide a much safer panel where the general public is concerned.”

Technical Drawings

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