Heavy duty, water filled plastic barricade with stable, anti-trip base for traffic and pedestrian safety

The StrongWall Barricade is an extremely robust and stable barricade system which is designed to meet the demands of providing safe access for pedestrians through road or construction works.

The barricade's sturdy but lightweight construction makes it easy to transport and assemble, then it can be filled with water and comes with an 40 lbs base which ensures that the barricade is stable in windy conditions.

Features and advantages

  • Heavy recycled base of 40 lbs - standard color black
  • Top section can be supplied in red, white and orange
  • High density (HD) molded top section can be water filled, which will add a further 33 lbs
  • Designed for compact stacking to provide low transport costs
  • Anti-tamper linking system - prevents unauthorized dismantle
  • Can be personalized with corporate color and logo
  • Recycled and 100% recyclable
  • Performs well in windy conditions


Product No 0628
Height 40 in
Length 40 in
Width 20.5 in
Total weight 53 lbs
Number / pallet 18
Color - top orange, white, red,
other on request
Color - base black


Test and data

Strongwall Barricade - self-weighted no extra ballast, Maximum wind speed achieved, 32mph
MIRA Wind Tunnel Test
Maximum sideways force: 400 Newtons

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Simply insert the fence section into the pre-drilled hole. Designed to protect deep excavations and hazardous sites.

StrongWall 660

Smaller version of Oxford StrongWall, the ideal substitute to a traditional water filled barricade.


The base can be purchased separately.
Product No: 0197

Top barricade

The top can be purchased separately.
Product No: 0629

Uses & Users

  • Crowd control at events
  • Safety and protection at construction sites
  • Traffic delineation
  • Temporary barricades


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