Road Plate 15/5

Heavy duty modular trench cover for roads and sidewalks

The Oxford Road Plate is a modular system comprising of individual units linked together. There is no need to use expensive specialist lifting equipment as the road plate can be installed in minutes with a two man lift.

The Oxford Road Plate is the ideal substitution to the steel plate, giving you more flexibility and security.

The trench stability must be assessed prior to the roadplate being installed to ensure that the ground conditions are structurally sound.

Features and Advantages

  • HS20-44 approved by Federal Government
  • Easy two man lift
  • The innovative flexible edge dampens any unwanted sounds making the product ideal for use in residential areas
  • Modular Road plate System
  • Tested to a vehicle weight of 96800 lbs
  • Each section weighs just 92 lbs removing the need for heavy lifting equipment
  • End sections must be bolted (we recommend a M16 bolt suitable for concrete or tarmac)
  • Long lasting product, refurbishment service available
  • Anti-slip surface provides a secure pedestrian access
  • No need for expensive specialist lifting equipment
  • Safer installation


Product No 0830 0814
Length, end to end 59 in 59 in
Width 19.7 in 19.7 in
Weight 92 lbs 51 lbs
Number / pallet 20 20
Color Yellow and Black



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