LowPro 12/8

New anti-slip, non-pinned, self weighted reinforced plastic trench cover

This new Oxford Plastics trench cover has an innovative Flexi-Edge system which greatly reduces trip hazards for pedestrians.

The underside and edge of the Oxford Low Pro are made from a soft flexible material which grips the surface underneath the board and helps to reduce any unwanted movement.

These rubber edges can be replaced and recycled, so you can extend the life of your Oxford Low Pro.

Its innovative design reduces installation time as there is no need to bolt the product down, but is still very stable.

Features and Advantages

  • Heavier that traditional trench covers thanks to its PVC anti slip edge
  • Central section made from glass reinforced composite
  • Very stable without bolting
  • Takes up any cambers in the pavement.
  • Greatly reduced trip hazard for pedestrians.
  • Covers a 27.5 in trench.
  • Supports a weight up to 553 lbs
  • Shock resistant.
  • Can be personalized with corporate color and logo.
  • Long lasting product - Flexible edges can be replaced.
  • Anti-trip flexible edge.
  • Quick installation - does not need to be bolted down.



Product No 0825
Length 44.3 in
Width 44.3 in
Total Weight 62 lbs
Number / pallet 30

Yellow (standard), any
other colors on request


Drawings and Downloads