Ground protection mat for use as a temporary road, ideal for events and construction sites

Specifically designed for outdoor use, EnduraMat enables you to drive cars, forklifts, diggers, trucks and cranes up to 80 tons, without causing significant damage to the ground underneath. EnduraMat is also suitable for pedestrian access thanks to its innovative design of anti-slip surface (Small grip on the pedestrian side, bigger grip on the vehicle side)

EnduraMat is customizableEnduraMat is made of recycled materialsEnduraMat is currently in stock

Features & Advantages

  • 100% recyclable.
  • Simple and fast to install with quick and easy to use connectors.  (on average 15 minutes for 550 sq ft coverage)
  • Vehicle and pedestrian anti-slip surfaces.
  • Easy grip hand cut outs make handling and storage simple and safe. (also available without handles)
  • Inline grip pattern making it easier to clean and stack.
  • Comes in various colors, including a translucent version.*
  • Can be personalized with corporate color and logo.
  • Can be connected to any other mats on the market
  • Guaranteed for 10 years**

* Minimum order quantity applies
** When used in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations


Product No 0651 0654

0.47 in

0.47 in

Length 96 in 48 in
Width 48 in 48 in
Total Weight 70 lbs 35 lbs
Number / pallet 30 60
Color Wide range of colors and translucent

Uses & Users

Mini diggers - Ground protection - Golf - Landscape Work - Access Roads - Overflow Parking - Event Parking - Driveway Reinforcement - Emergency Access Routes - Pedestrian Access - Storage Areas - Outdoor Events - Utility Access.

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