Non-conductive, heavy duty temporary plastic fence for construction sites

Designed to protect deep excavations (over 39.4 in) and hazardous sites, this blow molded fence will give you the flexibility and security that you need. Its lightweight design means that EnduraFence is easy to handle and can be erected by one person.

Features and Advantages

  • 80 in high, anti-climb fence with narrow aperture
  • Can be supplied with integral reflective
  • Links directly with existing steel mesh fencing, using the same bases and clamps
  • Compact design for transport by van and smaller vehicles
  • Blow molding technology provides strength at light weights
  • Can be personalized with corporate color and logo
  • 1 meter wide gateway sections also available
  • Ideal for outdoor events
  • 100 % Recyclable
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Easy one man assembly


Product No 0668 0668
Height 74.8in 74.8in
Length 79in 39.4in
Weight 22 lbs 11 lbs
Number / pallet 50 50
Color Orange (standard), other colors on request
Test and data Set up with 80in section wide and 40in section, each end at 90 degrees, wind blowing onto the side with the attachment. Maximum wind speed achieved 43 mph.
Mira Wind Tunnel Test July 2009 Maximum sideways force: 400 Newtons.


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