BigFoot 22


  • Low profile for reduced trip hazard to pedestrians
  • Available with a high-visibility yellow edge perimeter
  • The Bigfoot locates securely to most tube stands
  • The weight will always be in the correct position, no installer decisions required .
  • Can be easily customized with a colored nameplate or logo
  • Stacks securely for transport and storage
  • Comfortable carrying handholds allows easy one man lift of 2 Bigfoot
  • No debris remaining after using BigFoot
  • Optional anti-theft locking clamp
  • Made from recycled plastic


The new Oxford BigFoot is a weight for fence panels which is more durable than sandbags. The BigFoot is easy to carry and can be supplied with personalized branding.


Product code 0228
Weight of single BigFoot 33 lbs
Dimension 22 in x 23.6 in
Number per palette 60
Color Black
Name plate (printable surface) 5.3 “ x 1.8”


Installation of the security clamp

The security clamp is utilized when you need to secure 2 BigFoot weights together and you want to prevent them from being taken.


Product Code 0229
Dimension 9.45 in x 2.36 in
Height 1.4”
Color yellow


Wind test data

How many Bigfoot weights are needed to meet specific wind conditions


Panel Type Number of BigFoot Windspeed
Woven Mesh Panel 4 60
Woven Mesh Panel 8 78
Debris Netting Cloth Panel 4 21
Debris Netting Cloth Panel 8 25
Debris Netting Cloth Panel 12 32
Debris Netting Cloth Panel 16 36